Mission Statement


We achieve positive results by providing individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities resources and opportunities to live, learn, work, and play in our community. Through client advocacy we promote every opportunity for social, vocational, and economic growth, supporting a strong belief in the self-determination of each individual.


Who do we support?


Dignified Support Services specializes in providing families with safe residential and behavioral supports for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We support any individual with a developmental disability, mental health issue, or dual-diagnosis. We specialize in supporting individuals with a mild to moderate diagnosis who display severe challenging behavior. We also support families who find it difficult to meet the demands of their family members with special needs. As we know, it can be stressful for families to support indiviuals with special needs. It can also be stressful and difficult for family members who have been providing that support to have trust in outside assistance. We are family oriented at DSS and we support any level of family involvement and always encourage that influence. We know we are not only supporting the indvidual, we are supporting their families as well.